Wednesday, January 20, 2010


One of the fringe conditions that exists at the coast of Mumbai includes the Marine drive promenade.

An icon of cosmopolitan Mumbai, Marine drive is a place where the rich and the poor alike stroll along the promenade, each with their simple reasons from daily exercise, studying under streetlights, offering prayers to the sea, seeing the sunset - to day dreaming - to relaxing. those seeking solitude or those cherishing a moment with friends, or a background shot to the Bollywood films.

The initial analysis and diagramming is about all the types of fringe conditions at the different given sites.

Beaches-The intensity of water keeps on decreasing till it reaches the shore as well as there is accumulation that happens.

Mangroves-Since there is a dense cover of trees and the water intensity is not much, some amount of water penetrates through the mass and the rest changes it direction and continues to flow.

Promenade-The intensity of water keeps on changing from low to high and vice versa. This water hits the rocks and there is sudden breaking of the waves as well as there is accumulation.

Keeping the character of the selected site in mind, an analysis, considering all the possible aspects such as time, programs, density, topography etc has been made as follows.


As the sea meets the promenade, there is a stark change in the topography. There is a transformation in the topography from fluid to rigid. The sea depicts the fluid nature and as it moves towards the land it starts getting rigid because of the rocks and the land.


There is major change in the density that occurs at different points of time in the day. Morning time has an average kind of density where different groups of people use it as per there respective needs like jogging, reading newspapers, yoga etc. Afternoon has a very minimum population because of the harsh sunrays and lack of shade except people coming out from the offices to have their tiffins and college students. Evenings have the maximum density where all age groups come to the promenade in large numbers.


A variety of activities happen at different points of time.

Mornings- Jogging, yoga, reading newspapers, people come just to get a nice panoramic view and cool breeze early mornings.

Afternoons- College students use the promenade and the office people come there to have their tiffin.

Evenings- All kinds of activities from college students, old age clubs, kids playing, jogging, people coming to take walks etc.


Transition between road and promenade is very porous whereas between promenade and sea is very dense because of the tripods placed.

But there should be a buffer between the road and the promenade and the connection between the promenade and the sea should be greater.

Thus an insert that helps connecting the promenade to the sea.

The water weathers the tetra pods thus dominating manmade structures, while the tetra pods restrict the water thus opposing its direction. Thus tetra pods (manmade) dominate the direction of water (natural) and vice versa.

Our structure would have experiences of dominance of land as well as water.

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